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Namaste and welcome! Sensual Temple is an urban sanctuary dedicated to traditional tantra yoga for the modern human. We offer unique tantra yoga workshops, special events, retreats, and private instruction to individuals, couples, and groups on an ongoing basis.

Sensual massage in LondonSensual Temple facilitators have collectively gathered knowledge and experience from a multitude of traditions and teachers, as the biographies herein indicate. We strive to serve up an inspired, potent, authentic, and practical blend of ancient practices that enrich and refine life now.

We hold the intention of making these teachings and gatherings consistently accessible, affordable, and relevant for modern life. We hope to help contribute to an ecstatic, harmonious, yogic, sustainable, and healthy culture. The teachings are non-dogmatic and extremely personalized. You are empowered as a student to choose your level of dedication to the practice, as it should best fit your life and your needs.

Sensual Temple is an urban ashram, celebration, and a sensual and soulful feast. We work with small groups so that we can lavish much personal attention on our guests. Sensual massage is a private space located in London. The exact address is given out when you make reservations for an event. All flavors of human beings are welcome: lesbian, gay, transgender, straight, and any that defy classification.

Digest the ‘Tantra’ section of this site. Peruse the event descriptions. You may find something that suits your interests and intentions.

All public events are completely non-explicit. In all events, all practices are completely optional, and we intend to provide a safe, celebratory, grounded, and sacred practice space in which all boundaries are respected.

In line with the tantric philosophy of celebrating the senses and artistic expression within yogic practice – music, food, and art are all vital elements of the vision for Temple. Music is either hand-picked or provided by a live DJ for most workshops and events. For our purposes here we favor ambient, down tempo, and luscious electronica in general. Gourmet organic, vegan, raw or whole-food treats and beverages are always served. At special events and gatherings, we may have featured guest artists and performers.

All events are currently on a to-be-announced basis. Subscribe to our group, send an email, or submit your phone number to receive our invitations.

Welcome… and we hope you have a beautiful experience!

Tantric massage London

We are constantly seeking bliss, satisfaction, happiness, nirvana. There is knowledge of this state of being planted in our hearts, in our every living cell. Bliss is our birthright. It is the home we are instinctively driven to return to in almost every waking moment.

What is ‘tantra,’ a word so often associated with divine bliss and ecstasy?

Tantric massage in LondonIn short, tantra is a complex yoga, spiritual path, and sophisticated practice of consciousness. It is an exacting internal science of harnessing the power of kundalini, which could be translated in English most simply as passionate and creative energy. It is a deep exploration into and study of the vast sky-like nature of mind.

Philosophically, this is not specifically a path of hedonistic indulgence nor of self-mortification (denial of repression of the senses). It is, above all, a practice of deep, vivid, meditative awareness under many different conditions that may affect perception – everything from austerity and solitude to desire, pleasure, awakened senses, and the cauldron of intimate relationships.

In tantra, the human condition is embraced as the ultimate opportunity to awaken, it is not denied, avoided, or repressed. Our senses, desires, emotions, and hungers all present opportunities to be centered, generous, and compassionate, and vibrantly AWAKE in every moment. Whether in dedicated practice and ritual or in the flow of ordinary daily activities, the practice is present.

All pleasure, joy, nourishment, and rejuvenation cultivated within tantric practice is done so with the intention of blessing others with the energy, serenity, clarity, vitality, and sensitivity that may be cultivated as a result. Ultimately, every act of the tantrika is, at its very core, for the benefit of sentient beings. This is the foundational motive that is the key to the highest magic and bliss. It cannot be contrived, it can only emerge naturally, auspiciously, at your own ripe time through the journey of deep and consistent practice.

This practice embraces totality in our selves and in all things. The full spectrum of our emotions, desires, and shadows are faced consciously through art and meditation, and the naked underlying creative energy is utilized in constructive and conscious ways.

Tantrikas are refined yogic vehicles for the embodying, giving, and receiving of divine love. Some elements of traditional tantra yoga can include pranayam (breath work), secret or subtle-body (internal) yoga, meditation, yoga asana (postures), deity yoga, bhakti yoga (devotion, art), kriyas (cleansing), mantra (sound and chanting), puja and ritual, mudra, yantra (sacred geometry), yoga nidra, karmamudra (sexual yoga), and artistic expression.

The focus in this wild path is on revelation via devotion to the sadhanas (practices), rather than adhering to dogmatic, rigid beliefs.

Contrary to popular belief, tantra is not strictly a sexual practice, although it can utilize sexual energy and intimate sadhanas. Though the senses are celebrated and pleasure is welcome, the underlying focus in this practice is on the complex internal and external meditation and not on personal sexual gratification. Ironically, when selfishness is sacrificed and true compassion and absolute awareness are present, the highest bliss is possible.

Tantric practice is also known for it’s healing capabilities. Fruit of the practice can manifest as different degrees of healing emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, sexually, and physically. (This practice is not represented as a substitute for qualified medical care or diagnosis.)

The nature of your personal experience with tantra and the level of knowledge imparted to you will be entirely dependent on your personal intentions and how much time, energy, and devotion you put into your personal practice.

Ultimately, tantra is impossible to define completely. If it seems to be a mysterious topic, it’s because it is meant to be. In all lineages much information is very guarded and is progressively revealed only as initiates become ripe for them, as in any important progressive learning process dealing with powerful technologies.

Though reading on the topic is recommended, it cannot be your sole resource for learning. Traditional texts and canons are meant for initiates, and only as intellectual supplements to direct experience. They may seem like incomplete or incomprehensible esoteric poetry to the uninitiated. Aside from the coded nature of the literature, it is often marred in translation from the ancient tongue of a specific and isolated culture into English. Modern texts may be somewhat more accessible intellectually, but all texts require the loving, skilled, and knowledgeable transmission of a teacher to unlock the deepest meaning and to integrate the information into direct experience.

There are countless lineages or schools of tantra, all with different treasures to offer, which have manifested over thousands of years throughout many cultures. As noted on the ‘Temple’ page, the facilitators have collectively gathered knowledge and experience from a multitude of traditions and teachers. We strive to serve up an inspired, potent, and practical blend of ancient traditional sadhanas for the modern human.
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No one teacher or path is right for every person. We offer this invitation for you to explore here.